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If you are new to university life perhaps the biggest decision you will have to make is where will I live. You have the choice of either on-campus accommodation (i.e. living in a university college or Wright Village) or off-campus accommodation(i.e. share accommodation, private board or renting a house or flat).

About half of our students studying internally at UNE live on campus - with a greater percentage of new students living on campus for their first year. That's because living on campus makes it easy to get around, get involved and get ahead. Each of UNE's residences has its own distinct character and proudly upheld traditions.

At Uni4me we appreciate that on-campus accommodation is not for all students. To help these students our Accommodation Service maintains a listing of both shared and vacant properties available in Armidale and the surrounding areas. In addition Armidale is well catered for by way of privately or commercially run student accommodation.


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