Study tips and support

Starting University can be a stressful and intense time, but it doesn't have to be! 

There are a number tip-sheets that can be accessed to help and support you through the transition of study, and help you prepare for those ever-dreaded exams. 

Student Welfare

Often students come to une and suffer from homesickness. If you are one of these students, know you aren't alone, and there are services here to help. UNE has a number of clubs and socieities to keep you busy, and a number of support networks to give you assistance.  Have a read of this help sheet.

International students face their own unique issues associated with coming to a new country to study in a totally new environment.

Study Support 

UNE works under a 3 trimester study system, which provides flexibility to students to choose how many units they wish to undertake and at what pace they wish to study. This however still means time management is a key aspect to being a successful student. See this help sheet on time tips for trimesters!

One of the major pressures for a student can be managing work and study harmoniously. We as students often overload and sometimes overwhelm ourselves due to high expectations. Be kind to yourself, be prepared and informed and most of all be flexible. If this is an issue you struggle with, accessing the below fact sheet will provide assistance.

It is a fact of higher education that not everyone is built to study the same. Distractions are everywhere, and humans are natural procrastinators. So, what can you do? Become your own "personal trainer" for study!

Performance anxiety is a condition which is indiscriminate in who it effects. This can occur during exams, assignments, or even giving a public performance. But do not be deterred, there are ways to overcome this!                      

Undertaking a degree can be stressful. This unfortunate fact, whilst well-known it not always well recognised by students suffering from intense stress. Don't pressure yourself unreasonably, and remember your emotional health is crucial in your success.

Extensions, special exams and appeals 

Enen the most academic student can face lifes interuptions. This can be by reason of illness to personal circumstance or natural disaster. UNE has provisions which recognise this, and allow students to apply for assignment extensions, special exams and the ability to appeal results.